Welcome to the home page of the Netley Green Team.  We are a group of friends who regularly attended the Conservation Volunteers’ Green Gym in Southampton.  When that Gym ended because of lack of funding, we liked the activity so much that we formed our own group affiliated to the Conservation Volunteers!  We work on Netley Common to the north east of Southampton in Hampshire.  We meet between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. fortnightly on a Wednesday.

team_smSome of the activities we’ve attempted so far (and often succeeded in) are:

  • litter picking
  • vegetation cutting and burning
  • fence deconstruction
  • fence construction

Obviously the fence construction and destruction don’t involve the same length of fence – so far anyway.  All are welcome to come along and join us. Don’t worry about not having the skills or knowledge, it hasn’t stopped us so far! Have a look at the volunteer below for instance, before and after working with us for a few months (though I’m not sure why she needs the folding step, since she’s not that short!)

slippers boots

We’re not always serious either, here’s Louisa entering the “Guess this Plant” competition. A few months ago she wouldn’t have known that this is himalayan balsam, but now she knows it by feel alone!
puzzling success


From April 2014 until further notice, we will be at Netley Common every other Wednesday (starting from the 9th April) and there will no longer be a monthly task on the second Sunday. Use the contact details at netley-common for up to date information.  If you want to know more, look through the FAQ where you’ll find some answers to some of the questions we thought you might ask – mainly because no-one outside the group has asked any questions yet! If this doesn’t satisfy there’s always the contact page, where you can address any questions to a member of the Team.

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